Ethnographic Art

Haida Portrait Mask

Haida Portrait Mask
Courtesy of
Economos Works of Art

The art and artifacts of indigenous peoples around the globe is termed “ethnographic.” Major areas of focus include African and Oceanic arts and their subsets, with intriguing geographic departures limited only by the number of aboriginal societies still in existence anywhere. While the art and artifacts of the Southwestern region have always been amply represented hereabouts, this broader category includes native American work from throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Within the past decade, several important ethnographic art dealers have pulled up stakes from New York and London and have moved their operations to Santa Fe, joining several other top dealers who were already based there. New Mexico has now become the axis for worldwide ethnographic collecting.

Collector’s Resources


Cowboys & Indians Antiques | 505-255-4054
The Navajo Rug, LLC 535 Los Ranchos Road NW | 505-897-5005

Elsewhere in New Mexico

Roswell Museum & Art Center | 575.624.6744

Santa Fe

Bellas Artes | 505.983.2745
Castillo Gallery | 505-351-4067
Steve Elmore Indian Art | 505-995-9677
GrimmerRoche rem 422 West San Francisco | 982-8669
Manitou Galleries | 505-986-0440
Montez Gallery / Montez + Santa Fe aka Heaven | 505-982-1828
Museum of Indian Arts and Culture | 505-476-1250
Native American Art Appraisals, Inc. | 855.622.2462
Peyton Wright Gallery | 505-989-9888
Que Tenga Buena Mano | 505-983-2358
Seppanen & Daughters Fine Textiles, Inc | 505.424.7470
Sherwoods Spirit of America | 505-988-1776
William Siegal Gallery | 505-820-3300
Windsor Betts Art Brokerage House rem 136 Grant Avenue | 505-820-1234


Millicent Rogers Museum | 575-758-2462

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