Magnifico Arts Inc


The organization has ceased operation . . .

but you can see several recent exhibitions
by visiting the links below.

Magnifico was an independent not-for-profit organization presenting
adventurous contemporary arts programming in Downtown Albuquerque.

"Contemporary Art in the Public Realm"(two tours: 276k and 588k)
"Two Installations"(300k)
"David Scheinbaum's Hip Hop"(630k)
"Magnifico Honors 2003"(336k)
"Point of Departure"(339k)
"FLEX: Fiber Art"(354k)
"Dynamic Equilibrium"(234k)
"From the Floor Up"(294k)
"Chasing Fragments"(496k)
"Magnifico Honors 2002"(182k)
"Work from the Land"(117k)
"In Context" (194K)
"Living in the Heart" (257K)
"ReMo Group Exhibition" (162K)
"Hangar 18 Kite Transformations" (149K)
"purgatio/renovo" (100K)
"2001 Art Summer Institute" (143K)

Visit the Calendar of Events Search Page for complete exhibit and performance information.

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