Acoma Pueblo – Sky City

The oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States.

Acoma Pueblo, Sky City remote is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. The Pueblo was built on a 70-acre site of the massive sandstone mesa which rises 367 feet above the valley and approximately 7,000 feet above sea level. Its location made it ideally situated for defense against enemies. In 1540, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado became the first white man to enter Sky City. He described the Acoma fortress as: "One of the strongest ever seen, because the city was built on a high rock. The ascent was so difficult that we repented climbing to the top."

Acoma Pueblo - Sky City

Image: © Acoma Pueblo and
San Esteban del Rey Mission Church
are shown with Enchanted Mesa
in the background at right.

San Esteban Del Rey

Image: © San Esteban del Rey
Mission Church

The Pueblo's mission church, San Esteban del Rey, was built from 1629 to 1640 with all building materials hand carried or hauled up the steep slopes of the mesa. Both the mission and the Pueblo have been proclaimed National Historic Landmarks.

A new Cultural Center and Haak'u Museum offer permanent exhibitions and events. Also the Yaak'a Cafe serves a diverse menu of Acoma Cuisine fused with American flavors (and Starbucks coffee!!).

Tours of Old Acoma Pueblo, Sky City are available daily with some exceptions in July and October.

Call for confirmation: 888-759-2489.

Map to Acoma Pueblo

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The Collector’s Guide to Albuquerque Metro Area - Volume 11

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