Community Arts Project


808 Park Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-247-1172

Tue-Thu 12pm - 8pm
Fri 12pm - 4pm
Or By Appointment
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Artist Name: Title

Image: © Jeff Sipe

Mark Garcia
Image: © Mark Garcia

OFFCenter Open Arts Studio is a safe place to make art with familiar and unfamiliar people and materials. It is a place to be a participant, a student and a teacher for each other, involving what matters most to each of us.

OFFCenter Community Arts Project is a group of artists and other community members who make art to inform and critique the world around us. A network of individuals and families begin to define an active and diverse arts culture where everyone's contribution has
a vital place

Using a variety of art materials, a diverse group of participants join together using a visual language as expression of community with the intention of increasing awareness of important social issues of every day life.

Connecting the Community
through art making

Janet Hoelzel
Image: © Janet Hoelzel
Leighanna Light
Image: © Leighanna Light

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