Cowboys & Indians Antiques

4000 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Late 19th C. & early 20th C.
Hopi Kachinas and Apache Baskets

Antique American Indian and Western Art.

Artists Represented

Tony Abeyta
Walter Bambrook
Blackbear Bosin
Charles Carillo
Edward S. Curtis
Theodore Edaakie
Charles Ewing
Heinie Hartwig
Sheldon Harvey
George Hays

Gene Kloss
Gregg Lewis
Gregory Lomayesva
George Lopez
Ramona Lossie
Eldridge Martinez
Maria Martinez
Thomas Moran
John P. Olguin
Bert Geer Phillips

Carl Redin
Susan Robles
Marie Romero-Cash
Betty Sabo
William Spratling
Ann Templeton
Ben Turner
Carl Von Hassler
Jim Wagner
Liz Wallace


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