Genuine Southwest Art & Gifts

1919 Old Town Road NW, Suite 2
Albuquerque, NM 87104

Genuine Southwest Art & Gifts Shop is owned and managed by two local female artists: Charlene Kalbfell and Valerie Isenhower. We opened the store September 7, 2013 with 1000 sq. ft and 9 artists. February 1, 2015 we expanded into the space next door. We now have 1500 sq ft and 30 local artists. We offer a wide variety of art: tapestries, paintings, woodwork, stained & blown glass, pottery, hand painted tiles, punched tin, jewelry, photography, ceramics, southwest style purses, hand painted glasses, and more.

Artists Represented

Michael Alguire
Moneda Auclair
Cassandra Bloedel
Sean Brennan
Ginnie Brown
Bambi Cordova
Katherine Duquette
Denise Elvrum

Adam Frus

Shari Holmes

Val Isenhower
Charlene Kalbfell
MaryAnn Lancaster
Chris Litt

Donna Loraine
Austin Marland
Bruce Moffitt
Angel Pacheco

Gary & Linda Peterson

Andrea Ponzini
Jeff Ross
Nancy Sala
Mary Ann Stone
Judith Todd
Jon Wallner
Troy Willingham
Michael Worthen

Justin Yazzie


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