April Price Projects Gallery

201 Third Street NW
Suite G
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Mary Ann Strandell

April Price Projects Gallery is a contemporary art gallery hosting exhibitions of emerging and established artists. It began as an extension of Design Studio NM LLC, originally launched in December 2012, with Designers Laura Snapp and April Price. April Price Projects Gallery is active in developing shows that bring a new and fresh experience to our audience and the cultural landscape of downtown Albuquerque. Located in the Lobby of the elegant Hyatt Hotel.

Artists Represented

Kathryn Alleva
David Antreasian
Jo Antreasian
Virginia Baich
Ann Bromberg
Cris Casey
Drita Choy
Kristin Deiner
Ann Dunbar

Brük Dunbar
Stephanie Duran
Gretchen Ewert
Liz Fritzche
Deborah Gavel
Bill Gilbert
Jane Catherine Gordan
Bryce Hample
Bärbel Helmert
Carol Hoy

Jeff Krueger
Staci E. Page
Alan Paine Radebaugh
Elaine Roy
Scottie Sheehan
Mary Ann Strandell
Shawn Turung
Carole Ware
Mary Zaremba


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LAST MODIFIED: October 27, 2016

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