Miguel Grave De Peralta

Albuquerque-based artist


1812 Desert Breeze SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121

Miguel Grave De Peralta, Girl Reading, 40 x 30.

Miguel Grave de Peralta was born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba in 1960. His passion of art began at the age of six. At this very young age he sketched all the things that surrounded him.
In 1990 trouble began for Miguel when he made his first attempt to immigrate to the United States. He was arrested and imprisoned for trying to leave the country illegally. Miguel did not allow himself to be overcome by the solitude. Instead he transmitted his feelings into inspirations and created several paintings and murals on his prison walls.

Upon arrival in the United States in 1993 Miguel did find work in several places. He started painting in a small closet in his apartment.

His creative style is best defined as realism. He always tries to transmit his strong feelings and passionate personality into each of his paintings. He loves to paint portraits, figurative paintings, and still lifes. Miguel's greatest desire is for people of all walks of life to see and appreciate his work, so they may share his experiences, dreams, and feelings that are permanently sealed into each of his paintings.


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