Hunter Kirkland Contemporary
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Fri, Oct 6 '17
Thru Oct 22 '17
Santa Fe NM
Peter Burega
Santa Fe artist Peter Buregaís paintings continue to evolve as he incorporates changes to his process that are sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic. His latest series of deftly abstracted landscapes reflects a more introspective approach, one that allows him to express the emotional impact of a family memberís recent death, giving us a contemplative and deeply felt vision of life and loss. What hasnít changed is Buregaís blending of opposites: colors both warm and cool, high-energy yet soothing depictions of the world around him, and evocatively realized pairings of natural phenomena with the human-built environment. Itís these subtle juxtapositions that give his work such expansive appeal, encompassing many moods and colors that combine to form a cohesive whole.
Hunter Kirkland Contemporary
200 - B Canyon Road
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