Mill Contemporary
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Fri, Nov 10 '17
Thru Dec 31 '17
Santa Fe NM
SPOTLIGHT: An Exhibition Featuring New Gallery Artists
Patrick Adams, Melinda Cootsona, Michael Cutlip, Jennifer Pochinski and Allison Stewart are the artists we are showcasing. There is a wide range of artistic approaches within this group as well as a diversity in styles, mediums and content. Patrick Adams conveys a sense of the majesty of the created world through the poetry of paint. Adams is interested in far more than producing a painting with a likeness of a particular place, he captures the essence of the landscape. Melinda Cootsona is interested in the human figure in relation to the spaces that surround them. Michael Cutlip draws on the raw energy of urban life when crafting his mixed media works. Jennifer Pochinski is a figurative artist who paints in the big generous style of abstract expressionism. For her, the physicality of the paint is the story. Allison Stewart’s paintings express the complex and disturbing dialogue between man and nature. Residing somewhere between realism and abstraction, her paintings become visual diaries upon which she records her responses to threatened landscapes. Additionally we will be showing work by John Chang, Jamie Chase and Doug Glovaski.
Mill Contemporary
702 1/2 Canyon Road
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