Glossary of Bronze Sculpture Terms

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the process of creating bronze sculpture

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Lost wax process - a method of casting metal sculpture requiring a wax version of the original model. The wax form is encased in heat resisistant molding material. baking the mold causes the wax to melt and run out, leaving a cavity in its place. The cavity is filled with molten metal which solidifies to become the sculpture when the mold has been broken open.

Patina - the surface of metal sculpture that results from natural oxidation or careful application of heat, chemicals and polishing agents.

Surmoulage - the fraudulent practice of taking an unauthorized casting from a bronze sculpture rather than from the artist's original.

By Pamela Michaelis, founder of The Collector's Guide and former host of “Gallery News” radio show on KHFM 95.5 remote, classical radio in Albuquerque.

Originally appeared in
The Collector’s Guide to Santa Fe and Taos - Volume 9

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