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you'll encounter around New Mexico.

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Art on the Wall: Two Dimensional

  1. Abstract to Zeitgeist: Some Contemporary Art Terms By Wesley Pulkka
  2. Alternative Process Photography by Karl Koenig
  3. Appraisal of Art: What's the Big Deal?: by Sally B. Hill
  4. Art Inspired by Wildlife by Wesley Pulkka
  5. Art Over The Edge by Tom Collins
  6. Batik as Art by Cathy Haight
  7. A Brief History of Pastel Painting by Wesley Pulkka
  8. Collecting Antique Prints by Joe McDonough
  9. Collecting Photography of the Southwest by David Scheinbaum
  10. Conservation Preserves Your Art by Rebecca de Neri Zagal
  11. Conserving Works of Art on Paper by Patricia Morris
  12. Contemporary Art in Northern New Mexico by John Villani
  13. Contemporary Lithography by Pamela Michaelis
  14. Digital Fine Art by JD Jarvis
  15. E.S. Curtis: The Shadow Catcher by Pamela Michaelis
  16. Early American Modernists in New Mexico by Catherine Whitney
  17. Enduring Inspiration by Robert A. Ewing
  18. Fine-Art Etchings and Engravings by Dottie Indyke
  19. Glossary of Painting and Drawing Terms
  20. Glossary of Photography Terms
  21. Glossary of Prints and Original Graphics Terms
  22. Handmade Paper by Pamela Michaelis
  23. Helen Hardin 1943-1984 by Pamela Michaelis
  24. The Harwood Museum of Art in Taos
  25. How it Began: Santa Fe & Taos Art Communities by Pamela Michaelis
  26. How The Santa Fe Art Colony Began by Suzanne Deats
  27. Looking at Appraisal: Some Thoughts on Valuation by Phillip Bareiss
  28. Magic in the Land of Enchantment by Wesley Pulkka
  29. Mixed Media Paintings by Emily Van Cleve
  30. Modernism in New Mexico by Sharyn Rohlfsen Udall
  31. The Multiple Faces of (Big) Wall Art by Wesley Pulkka
  32. National Art Associations and Societies by Emily Van Cleve
  33. New Deal Art in New Mexico by Kathryn Flynn & Annie P. Michaelis
  34. New Mexico: Photographer's Eden by Michael More
  35. Nicolai Fechin-A Taos Homecoming
  36. Painting - The Aromatic Art by Kathleen M. Davis
  37. The 150th Anniversary of Photography by Pamela Michaelis
  38. Photography in New Mexico by Kevin Paul
  39. Platinum Photography by John Stevenson
  40. Reproduction or Print: What's the Difference by Ted Rose & Kathleen S. Howe
  41. Rhyme and Reason - Music and Art by Kay Fowler
  42. Romantic Modernism by Sandy Ballatore
  43. David Schwindt: Diary of a Painter by Pamela Michaelis
  44. Sanctuaries: An Interview with Tom Leech by Elaine Avila
  45. Southwestern Landscapes: New Mexico Artists by Wesley Pulkka
  46. Still Life Paintings by Wesley Pulkka
  47. Talking About Art by Melody Mock
  48. Textiles as Art by Mary Hunt Kahlenburg
  49. Textiles and Fiber Art of New Mexico, A Chronology by Pamela Michaelis
  50. The Thread of New Mexico
  51. The Torreón Fresco by Kevin Paul
  52. Vallero Star Blankets by Theresa Archuleta-Sagel
  53. Frederico Vigil: The Art of Buon Fresco by Pamela Michaelis
  54. Visiting the Artist's Studio by Pamela Michaelis
  55. What is a Monotype? by Pamela Michaelis
  56. White Gloves: Behind the Scenes at a Museum or Gallery by Melody Mock
  57. Women Artist Pioneers of New Mexico by Dottie Indyke
  58. Works of Art on/of Paper by Pamela Michaelis

Freestanding Art: Three Dimensional

  1. Alternative Sculpture Media by Wesley Pulkka
  2. Art Outdoors: Energy in the Air
  3. Fabricators and the Artists That Use Them by Wesley Pulkka new
  4. How Bronze Sculpture is Made by Pamela Michaelis
  5. Touching Beauty Michael A. Naranjo
  6. The Evolving Genre of Land Art in New Mexico by Suzanne Sbarge

Contemporary Craft Mediums: Three Dimensional

  1. The Art of Craft by Ellen Berkovitch
  2. The Blueprint of a Vessel by Pamela Michaelis
  3. Contemporary Glass in New Mexico by Wesley Pulkka
  4. Crafts: Many of a Kind by Nancy Berg, Rachel Brown, Marc Coan
  5. Fine Craft in New Mexico by Hollis Walker
  6. Fused and Slumped Glass by Emily & Terry Brock
  7. Glass Art in New Mexico by Pamela Michaelis
  8. Glossary of Ceramic and Clay Terms
  9. Glossary of Glass Terms
  10. Oriental Ceramics in New Mexico by Wesley Pulkka
  11. Studio Craft Comes of Age by Kevin Paul
  12. Tile as Art - Art as Tile by Pamela Michaelis
  13. What's New in the World's Oldest Profession? by Betsy Williams

Native American / Hispanic / Other Specific Cultures

  1. A Brief Social History of Navajo Weaving by Bruce Bernstein
  2. A Personal Look at Navajo Weavings by Andrew Nagen
  3. A Sacred Place: Meditations on Corn by RoseMary Diaz
  4. A Tradition Making Straw Into Gold by Barb Awalt & Paul Rhetts
  5. American Indian Signs and Symbols by RoseMary Diaz
  6. Antique Indian Silver Jewelry by Bruce Bernstein
  7. Art at the Crossroads: Art Without Reservations by Dr. Ron McCoy
  8. Patrocinio Barela, Carver by Stephen Parks
  9. ¡Carnaval! at the Museum of International Folk Art by Barbara Mauldin
  10. Collecting and Change in Native American Baskets by John J. Kania
  11. Collecting Contemporary Navajo Weavings by Michael Webb
  12. Collecting Indian Pottery by Robert F. Nichols
  13. Collecting Milagros by Martha Egan
  14. Contemporary Expression of Traditional Art by Susan Dawn
  15. Contemporary Navajo Folk Art by Georgiana Kennedy Simpson
  16. “El Portal” at the Palace of the Governors by Sarah Laughlin
  17. The First Storyteller by Pamela Michaelis
  18. Glossary of Indian Arts Terms
  19. Glossary of Hispanic Folk Art Terms
  20. Glossary of Pueblo Pottery Terms
  21. The History of an Ancient Human Symbol by Dottie Indyke
  22. Hopi Katsina Figures by Janis Hendler
  23. How Pueblo Pottery is Made by Pamela Michaelis
  24. Indian Arts & Crafts Act - Know the Law
  25. Indian Fetishes by Joe Douthitt
  26. Indian Trade Blankets by Bob Kapoun
  27. Indigenous Perspectives on Indian Art by Gary Allen Hood
  28. Jicarilla Apache Basket Making by Claude Stephenson, Ph.D
  29. Language is the Soul of a Nation by Pamela Michaelis
  30. Ledger Drawings -- Then and Now by Suzanne Deats
  31. Matachines Dances by Claude Stephenson
  32. The Naming Ceremony by RoseMary Diaz new
  33. Native Foodways: New Seasons by RoseMary Diaz
  34. Navajo Saddle Blankets by Rufus Cohen
  35. New Mexican Furniture Through Time by Feliza Medrano
  36. New Perspectives on Collecting Indian Artifacts by Benson Lanford & Robert Gilmore
  37. The Neutrogena Textile Collection by Mary Hunt Kahlenberg
  38. A Phoenix Rising from the Trail of Tears by Dr. Ron McCoy
  39. Poetry of the Pueblo Dances by RoseMary Diaz
  40. The Pomegranate in New Spain by Robin Farwell Gavin
  41. Pottery: Enduring Styles of the Pueblos by RoseMary Diaz
  42. Marco Oviedo, Carver by Pamela Michaelis
  43. Relicarios: Devotional Miniatures by Martha Egan
  44. Santos of New Mexico: A 400 Year Tradition by Barb Awalt & Paul Rhetts
  45. The Southern Way of the Cross by Patricia LaFarge
  46. Straw Art in New Mexico by Claude Stephenson
  47. Three Hispanic Metal Traditions by Claude Stephenson
  48. Toadlena/Two Grey Hills Weaving by Claude M. Stephenson
  49. Traditional New Mexican Hispanic Crafts by Charles M. Carrillo
  50. Turquoise - The Fallen Skystone by Cheryl Ingram
  51. Vallero Star Blankets by Theresa Archuleta-Sagel
  52. What Does this Indian Symbol Mean? by Barton Wright
  53. What is Heishi by Pamela Michaelis
  54. Where the Gods Come and Go: Navajo Sandpaintings by Dr. Ron McCoy
  55. Who are the Pueblo Indians? A Primer
  56. With a View to the Southwest: Dorothy Dunn by Bruce Bernstein
  57. Women's Work: Creating Beauty by Dr. Ron McCoy

History / Special Places

  1. 400 Years of Romancing the Vine by Mary Montaño
  2. 500 Years of Encounters–1492-1992 by Charles Carrillo
  3. 700CE-1998: A Chronology of Fiber Art & Textiles in NM by Pamela Michaelis
  4. 1879-1990 - A New Mexico Art Chronology
  5. 1909-2009: One Hundred Years of the Museum of New Mexico by Susan McAllister
  6. 1998 Centennial of the Taos Art Colony by Skip Keith Miller & Elizabeth Cunningham
  7. 2007: The Year of O’Keeffe The O’Keeffe Museum Celebrates 10 Years
  8. Albuquerque: A City of Solitudes by V.B. Price
  9. Albuquerque-Santa Fe: Axis of Creativity by Anthony Della Flora
  10. Albuquerque’s Nocturnal Spectacle - A Brief Neon Tour by Mark J Gilboard
  11. Albuquerque Museum of Art & History: Permanent Collection
  12. Artist Studio Tours
  13. Artists of the Santa Fe Trail by Suzanne Deats
  14. Beauty and the Best: Millicent Rogers Museum by David Revere McFadden
  15. Cornerstones: Rebuilding Traditions by Toby Lynn Herzlich
  16. Credit Due: Clara Driscoll & the Tiffany Girls by Elaine Avila
  17. The E. I. Couse Historic Home & Studio in Taos by Pamela Michaelis
  18. Flamenco: Romancing the Dance by Mary Montaño
  19. Hispanic & Native American Churches in Albq by Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts
  20. Jewish Pioneers of New Mexico 1821-1917 by Pamela Michaelis
  21. The Las Cruces Museum of Art by Emily Van Cleve new
  22. Lucky Number Seven: SITE Santa Fe's Biennial 2008
  23. Luthiers of New Mexico by Mary Montaño
  24. Not Lost: Mary Colter in New Mexico by Elaine Avila new
  25. New Mexico Architecture: Evolving Forward by Neala Schwartzberg
  26. New Mexico's Farmers' Markets by Emily Van Cleve new
  27. Not Your Father's Art Auction by Anna Irena Shochocky
  28. The Jonson Gallery at UNM by Tiska Blankenship
  29. The Lightning Field by Mary Carroll Nelson
  30. The Museum of Spanish Colonial Art by Carmella Padilla
  31. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum by Hollis Walker
  32. Petroglyph National Monument by Isaac Eastvold
  33. The Ranchos Church by Pamela Michaelis
  34. Santa Fe, the Creative City, Comes of Age by Barbara Harrelson
  35. The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market by Emily Van Cleve
  36. Soul: Three Curators, Three Ways by Elaine Avila new
  37. Star Axis: A Theater in the Sky by Pamela Michaelis
  38. Tamarind Goes Global by Cathryn Keller Nestor
  39. Tamarind Institute - A Dynamic Past & a Promising Future by Annie P. Michaelis
  40. Tamarind's 50th Birthday by Elaine Avila
  41. Theatre of Understanding: The New Mexico History Musuem by Elaine Avila
  42. Youth Arts Programs for Teens by Emily Van Cleve
  43. Youth Mural Program by Diana Ingalls Leyba

Artist Profiles courtesy of Southwest Art

  1. Angus Macpherson
  2. Chennault Collection
  3. Hyrum Joe
  4. K. Henderson
  5. Kathleen Kinkopf & Enrico Embroli
  6. Kathleen Wall
  7. Lael Weyenberg
  8. Linda Kyser Smith
  9. Margaret Nes
  10. Matthew Higginbotham
  11. Michael Naranjo
  12. Robert Highsmith
  13. Robert Striffolino
  14. Suzanne Wiggin
  15. Tom Berg

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