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Laura Center Navajo Rug Restoration

Forty-one years of restoration services in Santa Fe on Navajo & Rio Grande textiles. Restoration,
consultation on cleaning, moth infestation, application use, storage, and history of
the piece. Professional documentation upon request. Excellent & numerous references.

Laura Center Navajo Rug Restoration

When you schedule an appointment with me, we look at your textile/s together or they may be sent to me and I will discuss the information over the phone with you. I can give you the approximate age of the textile and approximately where it was woven. Many of my clients have appreciated the interesting details that I have drawn their attention to which they had not noticed. I am a technical expert in the structure of the rugs/weavings and much of that information is given also, if the client is interested. We will discuss whether the textile needs to be cleaned and which method is the best. I have them cleaned off-premises by a very reputable Navajo rug washer before I start on the restoration. We can also discuss, in detail, other topics which may include moth infestation, how you are going to use the textile, hanging systems, floor application and how to best store the textiles when not in use.

Generally, you are not able to detect the restoration after I am finished because I actually make each yarn that is woven into the rug/blanket by carding different tones/colors of wool fibers together to match the target color in the area of the rug I am restoring. After the wool is carded then I spin it, using a drop spindle, to match the appropriate diameter and twist before I reweave it into the rug. I stabilize the restored areas so that they are secured when you use them. The cords and tassels are made in the same manner, all by hand. It's very rare that I use ready-made commercial yarn, except for the warp (which are the interior threads that you don't see) as I can get a much closer match in color and size if I make my own yarn.

Some restoration referrals include owner Jed Foutz of Shiprock Santa Fe Gallery on the plaza in Santa Fe, Packard's which is also on the plaza in Santa Fe, Shelby Tisdale who is the director of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, Irvin and Lisa Trujillo owners/weavers of Centinela Weavers in Chimayo, New Mexico and John Buxton who appears on the Antiques Roadshow and has the Shango Gallery in Dallas, Texas.


Laura Center Navajo Rug Restoration

Laura Center Navajo Rug Restoration

I also provide "Rug Reports" which describe the textile, in detail, using several book references concerning it's style, age, area where it was woven, condition, thread count, dyes and yarns used. These reports are two full pages which also include a photograph and estimated value of the rug. Although, I'm not an appraiser and do not buy and sell Navajo rugs, I do know the "general ball park" value of the rugs, which lets the client know if the rug is valued enough to warrant repairs or lets them know that the cost of restoration would be considered "sentimental" in value.

Lastly, it has been my honor to be recognized for my expertise by being asked to be a weaving judge at the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, commonly known as Indian Market, for Spanish Market and for the Fiber Arts Festival at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, all in Santa Fe. I've also lectured to the docents of the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe, as well as several local venues and taught a Navajo Rug Appreciation class at the local community college.

"We were so impressed with your repairs on our ochre and brown zig zag rug in Santa Fe, we thought we would approach you about this challenge. We are so grateful for your skills in reweaving and restoration. The photos you have been sending during the lengthy repair process have been remarkable evidence of a rug resurrection. All of your photos have been most helpful and much appreciated. And, thank you for all of your detailed descriptions of your observations about the rug's condition before and after repair. It's very helpful for us to carefully decide where the rug will reside, and how we will take better care to rotate and flip more frequently. The rug now has a deeper meaning for us, and demonstrates that anything is possible in the right hands. Finally, your special skills and genuine enthusiasm have inspired us to take better care of our entire textile collections. - Mrs. Tommy Lee (Dawn) Jones

Thank you for your interest,
Laura Center

"....I am restored in beauty,
I am restored in beauty,
I am restored in beauty,
I am restored in beauty."

-Navajo (Diné ) chant


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