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Santa Fe, NM 87501
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Giacobbe Fritz Fine Art

Katie Metz, City Darshan 10, acrylic, 40 x 36.

GF Contemporary is dedicated to finding art that is fresh, compelling and meaningful for the environments in which our clients live and work. We understand that art acquisition can be a passionate process that occurs between the collector, the artist, and the gallery.

Artists Represented

Karen Bezuidenhout
Rachel Darnell
Deborah Fritz
Michael Hudock
Kelsey Irvin
Katie Metz

Gigi Mills
Pascal Pierme
Eric Reinemann
Rachel Rivera
Paul Shapiro
Brian Singer
Shelly Lewis Stanfield

Jennyfer Stratman
Marcelo Suaznabar
Paul Tamanian
David Van Ness
Bill Weaver
Michael Wilding


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