Nüart Gallery

670 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

by Carol Mothner

Nüart Gallery specializes in contemporary art of mid-career and established artists from the United States, Europe and Latin America. Our artwork includes genres from abstract with organic or architectural reference to figurative artwork in the genre of Magical Realism.

Artists Represented

Michael Bergt
Vincenzo Calli
Erin Cone
Claire Cotts
Rob Douglas
Alexandra Eldridge
Don Gale
Alberto Galvez

Erik Gonzales
Howard Hersh
Juan Kelly
Michael Kessler
Ted Larsen
Hyunmee Lee
Carol Mothner
Paul Pascarella

Santiago Perez
Antonio Puri
Randall Reid
Mark Spencer
John Tarahteeff
Nina Tichava
Cecil Touchon
James Tyler


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LAST MODIFIED: July 22, 2016

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