LewAllen Galleries

1613 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501


LewAllen Galleries is one of the oldest and largest galleries of national stature in Santa Fe.
It represents internationally acclaimed contemporary artists working in a diverse range of media
including painting, sculpture, photography, prints, ceramics, jewelry, tapestry, and glass.

Artists Represented

Bill Barrett
Scott Bennett
Christopher Benson
Jesse Blanchard
Peter Bremers
Diane Burko
Bernard Chaet
Dan Christensen
Michael Roque Collins
Connie Connally
Dirk de Bruycker
Otto Duecker
Brad Ellis
John Fincher
Joe Ramiro Garcia
Jimi Gleason
Brent Godfrey
Woody Gwyn
Wes Hempel

David Hines
Henry Jackson
Keith Johnston
John Kiley
Steve Klein
Ronnie Landfield
Lucy Lyon
Jane Manus
Emily Mason
Ed Mieczkowski
Charles Miner
Daniel Morper
Forrest Moses
Matthew Troy Mullins
Robert Natkin
Brian O'Connor
Nathan Oliveira
Tom Palmore

Scottie Parsons
Danny Perkins
Joel Perlman
Sammy Peters
William Pettet
Tracy Rocca
Richard Ryan
Timothy Schmitz
Fritz Scholder
Tyson Skross
Jeanette Pasin Sloan
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Pedro Surroca
Tim Tate
Shelly Horton Trippe
Veruska Vagen
Carmen Vetter
Hiroshi Yamano
Ani Yellowhammer


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