Morning Star Gallery

513 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

The premier gallery for antique and modern Native American Art
Morning Star Gallery is located in a beautiful historic building on Canyon Road in the heart of the art district in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since the establishment of the gallery in 1984, Morning Star has been recognized for carrying cultural and artistic treasures of unparalleled quality and beauty from over fifty Native North American tribes.

Artists Represented

Harrison Begay
Mike Bird-Romero
Edward S. Curtis
Preston Duwyenie
Larson Goldtooth
Darryl Growing Thunder
Juanita Growing Thunder
Helen Gutierrez
Dorothy Herrera
Charlene Holy Bear
Rhonda Holy Bear
Michael Kanteena
Dyami Lewis

Greg Lewis
Delores Lewis-Garcia
Sheridan MacKnight
Adam Martinez
Julian Martinez
Maria Martinez
Santana Martinez
Vicki Martinez
John Moyers
Sylvia Naha
Dan Namingha
Priscilla Nampeyo
Madeline Naranjo

Charles Navasie
Joy Navasie
Andrew Padilla
Gladys Paquin
Paul Pletka
Dolores Purdy
Jean Sahmie
Sarafina Tafoya
Dora Tse Pe
Denise Wallace
Dwayne Wilcox
Emma Yepa
Marcella Yepa


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