Meyer East Gallery

225 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

One of America's oldest art dealers, Meyer East Gallery features a rich variety of contemporary paintings and sculpture.

Artists Represented

Douglas Atwill
Nathan Bennett
Marc Bohne
Gary Bowling
Sergio Bustamante
Fred Calleri
Peter Campbell
Wendy Chidester
Melissa Cooper
Silvia Davis
David Dornan

Natalie Featherston
Sushe Felix
Melinda K. Hall
Cary Henrie
Ron Hicks
David Jonason
Brian T. Kershisnik
Robert LaDuke
Ali Launer
Kent Lovelace
Jorge Marin
Danny McCaw

Derek Penix
Jacob A. Pfeiffer
Fatima Ronquillo
Albert Scharf
John Schieffer
Elmer Schooley
Richard Segalman
Daniel Stern
Donald Roller Wilson
Michael Workman
Zack Zdrale


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