Verve Gallery of Photography


219 East Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-982-5009
Fax: 505-982-9111

11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday
Sunday by appointment

Wilson M Scanlan, Owner
Jennifer Schlesinger, Gallery Director
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Verve: Taylor

Image: © Henry Hornstein
“Domestic Pig - Sus Scrofa Domestica”
C-print, 20" x 24" Ed 35

Verve Gallery of Photography is the contemporary photography gallery in northern New Mexico
representing local and internationally known artists.

Artists Represented

William Albert Allard
Laurie Archer
Mark Citret
Cy DeCosse
Misha Gordin
Janet Russek
David Scheinbaum
Don Kirby
Jeffrey Becom
Brigitte Carnochan
Maggie Taylor
Manuel Carrillo

Michael Crouser
Douglas Ethridge
Tony O'Brien
Elizabeth Opalenik
Josephine Sacabo
Jennifer Schlesinger
Paul Slaughter
Huntington Witherill
Irving Greines
Stephen Strom
Norman Mauskopf

Nevada Wier
Stanko Abadzic
Joy Goldkind
Nancy Sutor
Kamil Vojnar
Susan kae Grant
Susan Burnstine
Beth Moon
Jennifer B. Hudson
Jacko Vassilev
Henrieke Strecker

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