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107 East Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-982-8706
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Mon-Sat 9-6; Sun 10-5

Bob and Marianne Kapoun, Owners
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Since 1945, authentic Indian and Hispanic arts and crafts, antique and contemporary.

Eight very eclectic rooms -- each with a different theme -- staffed by knowledgeable sales people.

The Rainbow Man is the leading authority on the documentation and history of the American Indian Trade Blanket article

Other textiles include early Navajo, Rio Grande, Chimayo and Mexican weavings.

Curtis: The Canyon de Chelly

Image: © 1904 Edward S. Curtis
"The Canyon de Chelly"
Gold tone photograph, 11" x 14"

Indian Pawn Jewelry

Image: © Photo by Louis Naranjo
"Traditional Pottery - Cochiti Pueblo" Ca 1995

Continuing shows:

· Edward S. Curtis article photography featuring a rare   collection of gold tones.

· Mosaic inlay jewelry by Angie Reano Owen

· Southwest folk artists

Ron Rodriguez, Felipe Archuleta, Mike Rodriguez, Mamie Deschillie, Tago, Ruby Growler, Jimbo Davila and Johnson Antonio.

· Indian pawn jewelry

· Mexican silver jewelry, old and new

· Historic Indian artifacts.

· Vintage Navajo, Mexican and Chimayo Textiles

· Interesting crafts from Mexico.

· Jewelry by Liz Wallace

Trade Blanket detail

Image: © The Rainbow Man
Detail from Papago Ceremonial Pattern Indian Trade Blanket
by J. Capps and Sons, 1890 - 1917

Artists Represented

Johnson Antonio
Hector Aquilar
Felipe Archuleta
Elsie Benally
Delbert Buck
Dale Chihuly
Silas Claw
Alice Williams Cling
Damacia Cordero
Edward S Curtis
Jimbo Davila
Mamie Deschillie
Laura Gilpin
Gorky Gonzales
William Goodluck
Carlos Greenman
Ruby Growler

Dan Hat
Roger Hataalii
Woody/Lulu Herbert
John K Hillers
Juan Horta
William Henry Jackson
Joanie Le Goy
Los Costillos
Betty Manygoats
Elizabeth Manygoats
Samuel Manymules
Karl Moon
Louis/Virginia Naranjo
Timothy O'Sullivan
Virgil Ortiz
Angie Reano Owen

Will Pennington
Antonio Pineda
Rhoda Quam
Miguel Rodriguez
Ron Rodriguez
Coolidge Roy
Tom Russell
Roger Skeet
William Spratling
Stacy Talahytewa
Stephen Tiffany
Faye Tso
Art Vigil
Liz Wallace
Robin Willeto
Sue Ann Williams
Lula/Wilfred Yazzie

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