Antique Shop & Gallery

225 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Zuni Necklace by Evelyn Eustace.

A well-established favorite shopping haven of locals and visitors alike, Scarlett’s Gallery is recognized for beautiful paintings by acclaimed American artists, remarkable bronze animal sculptures, contemporary Hispanic fine folk art, and en pointe designer necklaces by Santa Fe artist Penny Radenz. The Antique Shop features high-grade Indian jewelry by many award-winning Zuni and Navajo artists. Also, choice quality antiques and a world-class selection of gorgeous vintage fiery opalescent crystal by E.M. Sabino. All Authentic, No Reproductions. At-door parking available.

Artists Represented

Sue Ariniello

Tony Aguilar Jr.
Ernest R. Begay Sr.
Milbie Benge
Raymond Betsoi
Arnold Blackgoat
Effie Calavasa
Gilbert Calavaza
Dan Chen
Don Dewa
Charleston Draper
Viola Eriacho
Robert Fleming

Sylvia Martinez Johnson
Quanita Kalestewa
Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello
R. Lalique
Philip Lovato
Nancy Lynn
Florentino Martinez
Diane Mason
Jeffery Nelson
Penny Radenz
E.M. Sabino
Connie & Alex Seowtewa

Irma & Octavius Seowtewa
Anthony Skeets
Kirk Smith
Dillie Thomas
Joe Tom
Clayton Tom
Edith Tsabetsaye
Ervin Tsosie
Lance & Cordelia Waatsa
Lorraine & Luwayne Waatsa
Darlene Weebothee
Amy Wesley


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