Joe Wade Fine Art

102 East Water Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Buck McCain, Ancient Shrine Oil 30 x 24.

Established in 1971, Joe Wade Fine Art offers an extensive collection of emerging and established artists’ work, primarily from the American Southwest. The gallery features paintings and sculpture ranging from traditional realism to contemporary non-representational works in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, encaustic, mixed media, bronze, ceramic, and jewelry.

Artists Represented

Lyudmila Agrich
Wayne Aguilar
Austin Barton
Dan Bodelson
Richard Boyer
Marianne Caroselli
Scy Caroselli
Michelle Chrisman
Larry Combest
Sean Conrad
Wayne Cooper
R.A. Day
Thomas Dickson
Mick Doellinger

Carol Fallis
David Harms
Arlene LaDell Hayes
Kris Henderson
Nick Hermes
Douglas J. Houston
William Kalwick
Andre Kohn
Robin J. Laws
Tobias Luttmer
Buck McCain
Steve McGinty
Richard Murphy
Mikael Olson
John Oteri

George Pate
Manfred Rapp
Cynde Roof
Rosie Sandifer
Svetlana Shalygina
Carl J. Smith
George Dee Smith
Jack Sorenson
Joshua Sorenson
Scott Wallis
Don Webster
Roger Williams
Simon Winegar
Shana M. Zimmerman


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