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128 West Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-983-9219
Fax: 505-988-2209

Mon-Sat 9:30-5pm

Al Wadle, Owner

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Brown: Moment of Wonder

Image: © Irby Brown
"Moment of Wonder"
Oil, 28" x 32"

Fine representational painting • Bronze sculpture • Pueblo and designer jewelry
Traditional and contemporary pottery • Stone and clay sculpture
American and Hispanic folk art • Art Furniture

This important gallery offers a diverse range of high quality representational art
in a pleasant, unpressured atmosphere.

Sticks: Armoir

Image: © Art Furniture by STICKS

The offerings are enhanced by the warm and inviting ambiance of the gallery and the personal charm, knowledge and ethics of a highly professional staff.

Equal care goes into the art and artists selected. The primary factors in the selection process are quality and reasonable pricing.

Wadle Galleries is the essence of the Santa Fe soul: warmth, vitality and a deep respect for area cultures and the creativity of its people.

The quality of the art offerings, the extraordinary setting and the graciousness of the staff will make a visit to Wadle Galleries a unique and long-remembered experience.

Gallery Events

Exhibition during annual Santa Fe Indian Market remote site

Featuring Alvin Marshall (Navajo).

The most important representation of contemporary Native American sculpture in the Southwest.

Marshall: Daughters of the Holy Water

Image: © Alvin Marshall
"Daughters of the Holy Water"
Utah Alabaster, 26" Ht

Artists Represented

Tony Jr Aguilar
Wayne Aguilar
John Asaro
Joe Jr Ben
Don Briddell
Irby Brown
Joe Jr Cajero
Nancy Chaboun
William M Jr Churchill
Sandi Clark
Joseph Coriz
Orlando Crespin
Doug Diehl
Susan Diehl
Paula J Dimit
Walter Doran
Dennis Eaglehorse
Fremont F Ellis
James Fendenheim
Steve Forbis
Cliff Fragua
Virginia Garcia
Dan Garrett
Hugh Greer
Roy Grinnell
Edna Hibel
Peter Hurd
Oreland Joe
Walt Johnston
Jennifer Juan
Ramon Kelley
James Kramer
Steve LaSalle
Carolyn Lindsey
Diane Lucero
Mary Lucero
Alma Concha Maestas
Duane Maktima
Alvin Marshall
Christine McHorse
David Merrill
Patrick Ohlinger
Tom Palmore
Lonn Parker
Leonard Paul
Robert Pummill
Pablo Quintana
Don Ricks
Sherry S Sander
Geraldine Sandia
William Schultz
Steve Scott
Don Seegmiller
Alice Warder Seely
Stella Shutiva
Laurence Sisson
Geraint Smith
Kirk Smith
Shirley Thomson Smith
Ross Stefan
Sticks Art Furniture
Dave Stout
Mary/Everett Teller
John Tollardo
Anita Toya
Orville Tsinnie
Harold Von Schmidt
Kimbal Warren
Hank/Olivia Whitethorne
Carol Whitney
Walt Wooten
Larry Yazzie
Alvin Yellowhorse
Bryon Yellowhorse
Veronica Yellowhorse

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