Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths

656 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Tresa Vorenberg specializes in fine quality custom work suited for the individual. The gallery itself features handcrafted designer jewelry by over 30 artists.

Artists Represented

Alice Abrams
David Anderson
Steven Battelle
Bill Bennett
Samaya Blaise
David Daishin Brighton
Linda Bullock
Donna Burdic
Michael Daniels
Paula Davis
Donna Diglio

Stephen Dixon
Jessica Duke
Anne Farella
Gail Golden
Victoria Greenhood
Barbara Hendricks
Morika Hensley
Michael Lane
Ed Levin

Sarah Lukas
Heyoka Merrifield
Tom Odell
Janet Sherman
Gary Smathers
Linda Strong
Studio Q
Tresa Vorenberg
Nathan Youngblood


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