Windsor Betts Art Brokerage House

143 Lincoln Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Louisa McElwain, Silver Lining Over Abiquiu Lake, oil, 45 x 72.

Windsor Betts Art Brokerage House offers the largest inventory of the prominent contemporary and historic Southwest Fine Artists on the secondary market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Museum Art you can afford to own.

Artists Represented

Tony Abeyta
Joe Andoe
David Barbero
Earl Biss
Harry Fonseca
Malcolm Furlow
James Havard
Susan Hertel
Alan Houser

Donna Howell-Sickles
Doug Hyde
Dick Jemison
Bruce King
Gene Kloss
Miguel Martinez
Louisa McElwain
Dave McGary
Forrest Moses
Dan Namingha

Tom Palmore
Paul Pletka
Kevin Red Star
Elias Rivera
Billy Schenck
Fritz Scholder
Paul Shapiro
Ray Vinella
Michael Wright


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