Móntez Gallery

132 County Road 75
Truchas, NM 87578

For over four hundred years the Móntez family has made Santa Fe its home.
Since the 1600s, family members have been builders, farmers, artisans, and those in the clergy.
Dr. Rey Móntez is also an appraiser of Spanish Colonial and Christian Art.

Artists Represented

Fernando Bimonte
Frank Brito
Diana Bryer
Charlie Carrillo
Grace María Garcia Dobson
Louie Ewing
Andrea Fresquez-Baros
Goldie Garcia
Lydia Garcia
Javier Gonzales

Monica Sosaya Halford
Leon Fernández Hernández
George Lopez
Ricardo Lopez
Tommy Maccione
Madrid Family
Antonio R. Martinez
Chris Maya
Mary Ellen McMorrow

Rey Móntez
Marilyn/John Moyes
Ben Ortega
Miguel Pérez
Carlos Rael
José Guadalupe Hernández Reyna
Alfredo Rodríguez
Ellen Santistevan
Horacio Valdez
Frank Zamora


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