Hand Artes Gallery

137 County Road 75
Truchas, NM 87578

Hand Artes Gallery


Hand Artes Gallery, one of the first galleries in Truchas, represents local artists as well as those outside of New Mexico.

Artists Represented

Brian Arthur
Ben Bivins
Edward Briseno-Mills
Daniel Brobander
Larry & Nancy Buechley
Roberto Cardinale
Nancy Day
Grace Gibson
Malabika Goldar
Larry Graeber
Peggy Griffey
Tom Holland
Tom Holzer
Lisa Jensen

Sheila Mahoney Keefe
Kathleen Kuchar
Carolyn Lamuniere
Inya Laskowski
Susan Latham
Orlando Leyba
William Maxon
Olga Miniclier
Kim Moss
Gustavo Nogues
Sandra Place
Paula Reid
Robert Reynolds

Steve/Maureen Rosenthal
Mary Segal
Carol Setterlund
Donald Spitzer
Monika Steinhoff
Laurinda Stockwell
Pataricia Tremblay
Norbert Voelkel
Jeane Weigel
Katherine Wells
Robert Livsey Wells
Webb Young
George Zarolinski


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