The Signature Gallery

102 E. Water Street
Santa Fe, NM

Painting by Charles Pabst

One block from the historic Santa Fe square, this spacious and elegant gallery features bronze sculpture by Ken and Phillip Payne as well as Charles Pabst paintings. This "studio away from home" has two artist stations where you can usually find an artist-in-residence at work.

Artists Represented

Randy Bryant
Thomas Carusetta
Marie Channer
Tony Davis
Sally Fairfield
Malcolm Furlow
Denise Imke
Monroe Jackson

Oreland Joe
Ray McCarty
Cara Pabst Moran
Jason Napier
Kim Obrzut
Charles Pabst
Michael Pabst

Zane Palmer
Phillip Payne
Kirk Randle
Jenny Simon
Ron Stewart
Debbie Edgars Sturges
Alan Wolton
John Yaeger


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