Theresa’s Art Gallery & Studio

HCR 64 Box 12
Santa Cruz, NM 87567


Theresa’s gallery and studio maintains a large selection of high quality local handcrafted Spanish Colonial and Native American Art, woodcarvings, tin work, weavings, and pottery, with the largest collection of Retablos and in New Mexico.

Artists Represented

Birdell Bourdon
Freddie Braveeagle
Diana Bryer
Mary Cain
Evelyn Lopez Cordova
Naomi Eckberry
Adrain Garcia
Eugene Gutierrez
Paul/Dorothy Gutierrez
Jane & Starr
Eddie Kematewa
Lucy Lewis
Myra Little Snow

Virgil Long
Patsy Lopez
Richard Lopez
Manuel Martinez
Melissa Montoya
Richard Montoya
Theresa Montoya
Corn Moquino
Martin Moquino
Madeline Naranjo
Paul Naranjo
Ben Ortega
Isabel Ortega
Louise Ortega
Mike Ortega

Santana Phillips
Kevin Red Star
Juanito Roybal
Michael Salazar
Amy Sanchez
James Sanchez
Tony Sandoval
Arnold Sueze
Dan Tafoya
Shawn Tafoya
John Tollerado
Gloria Vigil
Larry Vigil
Birdell Vine Flower


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