Wheelhouse Art

418 Montezuma Ave.
Santa Fe NM 87501

Wheelhouse Art

Wheelhouse Art represents primarily local and New Mexican artists working in a variety of mediums from paint to clay who have a strong commitment to their statement and imagery. The gallery leans toward showing work that is responsive and reactive to social, political, and personal commentary.

Artists Represented

Tana Acton
Luisa Baldinger
Carol Rose Brown
Lloyd Brown
Scott Chambers
Margaret Denney
Frank Ettenberg
Erik Gellert

Elizabeth Hunt
Dirk Kortz
Katherine Maxwell
Sheila Miles
Kate Moses
Becky Pinnick
Sybil Ross
Isabelle Rudolphi

Jane Shoenfeld
Esther Smith
Bill Sortino
Joyce Stolaroff
Frank Willett
Nolan Winkler
Melissa Zriny


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LAST MODIFIED: June 2, 2015

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