Pop Gallery

125 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 111
Santa Fe, NM 87501


Nigel Conway

New brow contemporary art: Pop Gallery continues to raise the bar locally and draw established and emerging Contemporary and New Brow artists to Santa Fe from around the world. Our vision is rooted in providing art lovers with a thought provoking alternative. Rising from the underground world of tattooing and graffiti, comics, cartoons, pop art, illustration, and surrealist artists, the art showcased feeds of the blend of influences and energies well cemented in today's culture. In essence, Pop Gallery continues to represent a celebration of mediums and ideas, the dynamic union between independence and spirit, the emergence of sub-culture on a contemporary platform.

Artists Represented

Juli Adams
Clifford Bailey
Jenny Berry
Jeff Brock
Thomas Coffin
Nigel Conway
Daniel Martin Diaz
Susan Frerichs
Marty Goldstein

Spencer Herr
David Ho
Bev Hogue
Chuck Jones

Steven Paul Judd
Renee Lawter
Max Lehman
James Lofton
Diego Lukezic

Brandon Maldonado
Kristin Margiotta
Stephan Martiniere
Trevor Mikula
Coleman Mills

Andrew Montoya

Joel Nakamura
Tammi Otis
Dakota R. Pratt
Robb Rael
Anna Rivera
Kate Samuels
Charles Schulz
Marie Sena
Theodor Seuss Geisel
Lynden St. Victor
Sarah Stolar
Sophia Torres
June Valentine-Ruppe


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