205 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sera Study by Jane Radstrom

Prominently located at the beginning of historic Canyon Road, CANYON Fine Art is focused on the transformative power of color and figure. Stroll our courtyard of figurative bronze sculptures and inside find a blend of genres from representational to abstract—a discovery of quality original art around every corner—each artist master of their craft and artistic vision. We represent both emerging and established artists whose work speaks to the heart of fine art to connect and inspire.

Artists Represented

Daniel Bethune
Travis Black
Johannes Boekhoudt
Paige Bradley
Joseph Breza
Fannie Brito
Margret Carde

Caroline Carpio

Martin Eichinger
Carol Hartsock
James Hoyle
Tobin Karicher
Ed Mackerrow
Lange Marshall

Abraham Mohler

Cap Pannell
Miguel Peidro
Jane Radstrom
William Schaaf
Dennis Smith
Donny Weber
Richard Weinstein


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