OTA Contemporary

203 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
OTA is an art space that inspires curiosity and human passions through art.

Rual Villarreal, Jade Wave, oil, 36 x 36.

Created by contemporary artist Kiyomi Baird, with a vision to inspire curiosity and human passions, OTA provides a unique and welcoming space for showing contemporary art. OTA seeks to encourage collaboration and dialogue among multiple artistic disciplines to expand our creative vision. Our goal is to evoke new ways of looking and learning to stimulate a sense of joy and wonder about the universe.
OTA exhibits paintings, sculptures, digital and new media art enabling new ways of seeing the spiritual in contemporary art. We encourage a love of beauty, community and art. We open the door to the universe, inviting guests to discover the joy of art.

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LAST MODIFIED: June 20, 2017

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